CPICP Conference

Find below, the videos from the conference Facilitating Child Participation in Child Protection which took place in Toronto on October 5th-6th 2015. 

Definition of Participation – Armchair Discussion (20 min)

  • Susan Bissell, Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children
  • Landon Pearson, Landon Pearson Resource Centre for the Study of Childhood and Children’s Rights

Definition of Participation – Short Presentations (44 min)

  • Laura Wright, Right to Play (5 min)
  • Ivette Fonseca, Plan Canada (5 min)
  • Thaila Dixon-Eeet, Project C (5 min)
  • Fred Hareau, Equitas (5 min)
  • Linda Dale, Children/Youth as Peacebuilders (5 min)

Ethical Tensions – Panel Presentations (56 min)

  • Olivia Lecoufle, Save the Children Canada (10 min)
  • Gillian Mann, Child Frontiers (10 min)
  • William Myers, University of California at Davis (10 min)
  • Kavita Ratna, Concerned for Working Children, India (10 min)

Legal Tensions – Panel Presentations (90 min)

  • Ben Elgaza, Youth
  • Kay Tisdall, University of Edinburgh
  • Lucy Jamieson, Children’s Institute, University of Cape Town
  • Irene Rizzini, Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro
  • Richard Carothers, Partners in Technology Exchange & Dena Aufseeser, University of Maryland

Summary of Day One from Conference Participants & Practical Tensions – Presentations (54 min)

  • Jason Hart, University of Bath (10 min)
  • Gerison Lansdown, International children’s rights advocate (10 min)
  • Anna Amy Ho, Former Crown Ward, Crisis Counsellor at Victim Services Toronto, Public Speaker, and Dancer/Aerialist (10 min)

Monitoring and Evaluation – Training Session (120 min)

  • Gerison Lansdown, International Children’s Rights Advocate

Crucial Tensions and Future Directions – Reviewing the Conference Themes and Outcomes (15 min)

  • Jo Boyden, University of Oxford