ICCRP: International and Canadian Child Rights Partnership

International and Canadian Child Rights Partnership (ICCRP):

An International Research Project on Monitoring Children’s Participation in their Protection

In order to explore and better understand the connection between children’s rights to participation and protection, the International and Canadian Child Rights Partnership (ICCRP) was established following an international conference held at Ryerson University in October 2015. The ICCRP involves scholars and practitioners from Ryerson University, International Institute for Child Rights and Development, University of Cape Town, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, Edinburgh University, Lakehead University, and McGill University along with numerous institutional partners in Canada and around the world.

ICCRP members have come together to answer the following question:

How can children’s participation in international and Canadian child protection programs and policies be monitored?

The objectives of this partnership are to:

  1. Identify current conceptualizations of monitoring participation in international child protection;
  2. Understand the realities, challenges, and successes of monitoring participation in child protection in specific contexts and to develop recommendations for effective measurement; and
  3. Analyze the connections between children’s participation and child protection outcomes. These objectives will be addressed over the course of three years.

The ICCRP recognizes child participation as a human right as well as the necessity to monitor and address protection concerns. Consequently, to ensure the inclusion of young people in the partnership, a Child and Youth Advisory Committee (CYAC) has been established to guide the research process and the dissemination of the ICCRP findings. The CYAC is comprised of youth from Brazil, South Africa, China and Canada. The CYAC members meet virtually to discuss issues related to children’s rights and the research process and efforts. 

Phase One of the research was carried out in 2017 to establish the Child and Youth Advisory Committee (CYAC). Adult professionals from multiple sectors and contexts around the world, were also interviewed to identify their understandings of child protection and participation. Furthermore, a literature review was undertaken.

Phase Two commenced in late January 2018 wherein the ICCRP pursued the second objective identified above. The research team studied children’s participation in their protection in four different countries: Brazil, South Africa, China, and Canada. Each of these cases involved the following three steps:
1) Identifying and analyzing the existing policies and programs as well as gaps;
2) Creating reflective spaces for key stakeholders to discuss Phase I results; and
3) Co-producing ‘next steps’ for how to effectively monitor protection efforts.

Phase Three began in late 2018, the research team began investigating the potential for learning across the earlier two objectives, assessing similarities and differences. In this stage, implications for monitoring norms and tools for advancing knowledge mobilization were considered. The participatory research methodology used and the results that ensued will be disseminated at several conferences in 2019. 

If you have any questions about this project, please contact the team at iccrp@outlook.com