Canada & Child Protection

Canada has a long history of respecting, supporting and leading global commitments to protect and advance children’s safety both through the strong efforts of the Canadian government and through the innovative and wide-ranging work of many NGOs and academic institutions.

Great opportunity exists for Canada to strengthen its leadership in this important area. Further work is needed to share best practices and lessons learned, refine tools and methodologies, build knowledge and engage the Canadian public, government and other key stakeholders. Building on Global Affairs Canada’s renewed interest in Child Protection, a strong network of Canadian institutions can leverage the strategic advantages of collaboration to strengthen Canadian policy engagement and effective programming on this critical issue.

ICPNC welcomes and looks forward to a continued dialogue with government at all levels about the ways we can work together to shape a world-class, evidence-based, international development, humanitarian assistance and foreign policy approach Canada-Leaf-PNG-Pictureto these critical issues.

The Network hopes to build off continued momentum and interest from the Canadian government, ultimately advancing children’s ability to not only survive but thrive.