ICPNC is cognizant of the need for greater emphasis on child protection as a development approach resulting in fertile ground for innovative work. The Child Participation Working Group proudly coordinated and contributed to International Journal of Human Rights Special 2017 Issue: Facilitating Meaningful Participation in Child Protection which was successfully published to discuss the challenges and opportunities that were highlighted at the Facilitating Child Protection in International Child Protection Conference regarding the actual and potential participatory role of children and young people in effective child protection.

Excerpt: In recent years, increasing international attention surrounding children and young people’s participation in international development and humanitarian interventions has grown. This special issue contributes perspectives from different continents and fields of study/disciplines. At the same time, the articles raise important questions regarding the import of children and young people’s participation in international child protection and readers will thereby be encouraged, it is hoped, to consider the implications for children’s rights in a broad range of practical settings as well as for child human rights theory. We hope that the arguments presented in this volume will add enthusiasm to ongoing, critical research and mobilization towards effective child protection.