Briefing Note
By Christina Brinco and Tara M. Collins

With the valuable support of the Child Participation Working Group of the
International Child Protection Network of Canada

The Facilitating Child Participation in International Child Protection Conference convened at Ryerson University from October 5th and 6th, 2015. Participants heard voices of professionals in the field of children’s rights from various academic institutions, government affiliates and non-governmental agencies and from children and youth. These children and youth were involved in a preparatory meeting in advance of the conference in order to support their understanding of the tensions.

During this meeting, many of their concerns were brought to light and added to the discourse at the conference that followed. The conference participants sought to address concerns in child participation and protection through the sharing of expertise in the field, and by addressing gaps in international frameworks. 

This briefing note disseminates the knowledge shared over the two conference days as they relate to current tensions

For an in-depth analysis please consult the Briefing Note- Exploring Tensions in Child Participation in International Child Protection.