Ryerson University and the International Child Protection Network of Canada (ICPNC) are convening this important international conference to address the relationship between child participation and child protection. Approximately 60 scholars (faculty & students), young people, policymakers and practitioners working on issues related to international child protection, child rights, and children’s participation will gather at this participatory, interactive event.

Where: Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada

When:October 5th and 6th 2015

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The full programme is accessible here: CPICP Program – October 5-6 2015

The bios of the presenters are here: CPICP Presenter Bios

Key Goal of Conference

The key goal is to identify and discuss the current gaps or issues that require priority in research and advocacy in order to support child participation in international child protection efforts.

International child protection efforts aim to ensure that child rights are protected while improving the quality of life and wellbeing of young people around the world. The conference uses this broad working definition so that conclusions can be as applicable as possible to a wide range of activities, organizations, geographic areas and populations of children.

Specific objectives are:

  • Confirm a shared understanding across stakeholders of the common goal to advance child’s right to participate in international child protection practice
  • Demonstrate what we have learned and what we have done (lessons learned and follow-up activities) following past participatory activities
  • Develop an understanding of structural (ethical, political, social and economic, legal, attitudinal) barriers and effective solutions to children’s participation in protection. Why is it difficult to have participation in practice? Identify the tensions and tipping points between participation and protection, understanding where the emphasis upon the right to participation begins in international child protection and the right to protection ends, and vice versa.
  • Develop understanding of effective methods and tools to practice effective participation and to monitor progress in child participation
  • Respect children and youth’s perspectives about participation in protection in discussions
  • Contribute to a future research agenda to advance effective child participation in international child protection measures

Key speakers include

  • Dr. Susan Bissell – current head of child protection, UNICEF Headquarters
  • Dr. Jo Boyden – The Young Lives project of international childhood poverty, UK
  • Mr. Richard Carothers – Partners in Technology Exchange
  • Dr. Philip Cook – International Institute for Child Rights & Development and RoyalRoads University
  • Ms. Linda Dale – Children/Youth as Peacebuilders
  • Dr. Sonja Grover – Lakehead University
  • Dr. Jason Hart – University of Bath
  • Ms. Lucy Jamieson – Children’s Institute, University of Cape Town
  • Ms. Gerison Lansdown – international consultant, co-author of the Toolkit for monitoring and evaluating children’s participation
  • Dr. Gillian Mann – Child Frontiers
  • Dr. William Myers – University of California – Davis
  • Hon. Landon Pearson – L. Pearson Resource Centre for Study of Childhood & Children’s Rights
  • Ms. Kavita Ratna – Concerned for Working Children – India
  • Dr. Irene Rizzini –Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro & International Center for Research and Policy on Childhood, Brazil
  • Dr. Kay Tisdall – University of Edinburgh