Here you will find all the videos, presentations and the papers that were submitted and discussed during the International conference – Child participation and child protection conference organized by Ryerson University and ICPNC in October 2015.

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The Conference Summary is accessible here: CPICP Conference Summary

The Executive Summary is accessible here: CPICP Conference Executive Summary

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Submitted papers

Sonja Grover, Ph.D., Lakehead University – Advocating for Children of Haitian Descent Born in the Dominican Republic to Undocumented Parents and Denied Dominican Birthright Nationality/Citizenship

Part I: Backgrounder on the Situation in the Dominican Republic Relating to the Illustrative OP3-CRC fictional case (Case brought under the third optional protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on a communications procedure)

Part II: UNICEF DR (on Behalf of a Group of second generation children of Haitian Descent Denied Dominican Nationality and Born in the DR in La Romana District to undocumented Dominican parents and at risk of forced deportation) v the Dominican Republic (An Illustrative Fictional OP3-CRC case brought by UNICEF)

Part III: An Advocacy Action Plan for Child Rights Defenders Regarding Children’s International Protection Needs and Birthright Nationality/Citizenship

Part IV: North American update: Donald Trump proposal for retroactive de-nationalization and denial of U.S. nationality for U.S. child citizens, mostly of Mexican descent, who currently have recognized birthright U.S. citizenship having been born in the U.S. to undocumented parents

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William Myers – Children’s right to defend their well-being and development

This exploratory think-piece probes a few provocative issues raised by the conference topic: Children’s Participation in Child Protection. It is occasioned by a theoretical question arising from practical field experience: What right do children have to independently defend their own best interests, as they see them, against not only the usual oppressors and exploiters but also against putative government or NGO “protectors” they either do not recognize as legitimate or whose purposes and agenda they disagree with?  As minors, do they have to knuckle under to whatever adult authority claims to want to protect them, or is there sufficient legal and moral justification for them to dismiss or oppose “protective” instruction they did not invite and regard as irrelevant or counterproductive?  And what about their rights? Sometimes children claim their rights in ways that directly conflict with national and international “child protection.”  

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Conference Presentations

  • Definitions of child participation

Equitas Presentation – Fred Hareau

Right to Play Presentation – Laura Wright

Plan Presentation – Ivette Fonseca

  • Ethical tensions

Kavita Ratna – Working children

  • Legal tensions

Kay Tisdall – Legal personality and legal capacity

Lucy Jamieson – Contradictory visions of children

  • Political tensions

Irene Rizzini – Democratic processes of construction and implementation

Richard Carothers – Bolivia case

  • Practical tensions

Jason Hart – Institutional barriers
Gerison Lansdown – M&E tensions

  • Monitoring and Evaluation Training

Gerison Lansdown – M&E workshop

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