The ICPNC brings together leading practitioners in child protection to enhance Canadian organizations capacity to ensure results-oriented, innovative and effective child protection programming.

Core Objectives:

1. To improve Child Protection programming among Canadian International Development NGOs with an emphasis on rights-based approaches, participation and accountability to children.

  •  Share knowledge and communicate results (mapping of current work, public events, reports, meetings, listserv)
  • Collaborate and share approaches and methodologies to build on one another’s strengths for more effective programming (programmatic and M&E tools, trainings)
  • Build a stronger evidence base for Child Protection Approaches

2) To effectively engage key stakeholders on critical Child Protection issues.

  • Engage with Canadian government bodies and other stakeholders on policy and programming approaches and definitions of child protection (systems approach, child rights, protection from exploitation/abuse, children empowerment)
  •  Engage with the Canadian Public to increase knowledge of Canada’s leadership role in child protection (website, newsletter, public events, social media).
  • Engage with International Networks on Child Protection issues (e.g. International Working Group for Safeguarding Children in Sport; Child Protection Working Group)

3) To improve Child Protection Policy, Systems and Procedures Organizationally among Canadian International Development NGOs.

  •  Share knowledge, best practices and challenges (mapping of current work, systems and procedures, policy-related processes, including development, implementation, monitoring)
  • Develop a set of standards for Canadian child-centered NGOs
  • Build capacity through inter-membership activities (open training’s, workshops, etc.)